A quick trip to BJ’s Brewhouse

I frequent BJ’s for their reverse happy hour especially if I’ve had an exhausting day! Last night as I skimmed thru the menu, I noticed that they had a small plate called “Brewhouse Meatballs”. This caught my eye because I noticed they were on top of mashed potatoes and it looked very good. Well I must say that once I received my plate and took a bite, I was in love! The mushroom gravy was so rich and flavorful and the meatballs were delicious! The mashed potatoes were seasoned and made me want more. This was a great choice that I made for a small plate and I was pleased with my decision. I definitely will be getting it again! If you decide to try it while visiting, let me know if you liked them! Thanks for reading!

Quick happy hour at Seasons52

I decided to have a little Sunday Funday and join Seasons52 for happy hour. The Pomegranate Margarita Martini was an excellent choice that the bartender suggested. It was a refreshing drink that was not too strong and the right amount of sweetness. In addition to my beverage, I ordered the stuffed mushrooms. These mushrooms are stuffed with spinach, crab meat, and shrimp. If you decide to dine here, please order this appetizer! I promise you will not be disappointed. Short and sweet!Thanks for reading!

My evening at International Smoke’s Grand Opening in Houston CityCentre

I frequent City Centre and always passed by the building blocked off by construction. The signs “coming soon” are finally off and the restaurant’s grand opening was today! (July 5th) When I saw the date on their media page, I immediately placed reservations via Open Table for me and my friend.

When we arrived, we had such a warm greeting from the staff. Great first impression! I can tell when people are genuinely happy to be in your presence and they gave us such a warm welcome. Our waitress was a young lady named Felicia. When I tell you she was SO AMAZING, it makes me wish she worked everywhere I dine! Her energy alone would make you order everything off the menu! She explained to us about certain dishes and answered questions we had.

I ended up ordering the “Curry up now” which was a twist of an Old Fashioned. It wasn’t as strong as your traditional one but I still enjoyed it with that citrus twist.

So me and my friend Chante decided we would pick three things to try off the menu. It was a true battle on picking just three! Everything looked so good but we finally narrowed it down.

The smoked rib tip Mac and cheese had a nice cheesy flavor. The rib tips and cornbread crumble made it very flavorful. Our only suggestion to the chef was to make sure they cooked the noodles maybe a minute or two longer. The noodles weren’t soft enough but then again for some they may like it that way.

The next thing we tried were the smoked pork ribs (American bbq flavor). I’ve never been a big rib eater at all. These ribs were tender and the sauce that accompanied them was tangy. It gave the ribs a little kick. Like I said I’m really not a rib eater but I ate three pieces. That’s a first!

Lastly we tried the Curry cornbread with red Thai curry and butter. This cornbread was GOOD! It was three pieces of goodness. This is a must try when you go even though I know people have different taste buds when it comes to cornbread. I highly enjoyed it!

Chef Micheal Mina came to each table and greeted everyone. He was very sweet and made you feel very welcome. I absolutely love whenever people make you feel at home.

The general manager Jacqueline was also very sweet. She constantly walked the floor to ensure everyone was good and if we were enjoying ourselves!

The highlight of the evening after spending a few minutes with the general manager was that she introduced us to Ayesha Curry’s father!

Guys when I tell you he was so nice, you would swear that we’ve known each other forever! He was so excited about his daughter’s grand opening this evening and I loved it! Being a daddy’s girl myself it warmed my heart on how he talked about his daughter. As you know she just gave birth on July 2nd and that is why she was not in attendance. He was so happy about the birth of his grandson and it was amazing to hear the joy he spoke with every word.

I enjoyed my visit to International Smoke and I will definitely be back to try other things off the menu. Everyone has different taste buds so get out and try what you feel and let me know your experience. From the host to the kitchen staff, thank you for everything this evening and be blessed!

Its always a great time at Smith and Wollenskys

I’ve passed by this steakhouse so many times and finally tried it last year. I didn’t write about it because around the time I was pretty busy. I recently got the chance to go by on Mother’s Day weekend and again what a great experience!

We had such a phenomenal waiter (I forgot his name) and very attentive to my questions. He also remembered me when I previously dined here and was very personable. He really cares about his job and makes sure you leave satisfied! ( I’ll update with his name soon)

Ok to the food….

The go to appetizer hands down is the “Angry Shrimp” This is the BEST EVER! The jumbo shrimp are fried to perfection placed on top of mashed potatoes w/lobster sauce. It is sooooo good! Trust me on this….when you go please try this and you will not be disappointed.

For my entree I had a Filet Mignon w/ Oscar toppingsThis is one of my top steakhouses because the steak is SEASONED TO PERFECTION! The chef prepares it just the way you order it and it’s wonderful! Of course my steak was cooked medium well so I can taste all the flavor. It was accompanied with the Oscar topping (lump crab meat, asparagus and Hollandaise). DELICIOUS! I highly recommend this if filet ends up your choice.

The atmosphere is perfect for a great lunch, a nice romantic dinner, or just hanging out with friends. The food is absolutely amazing and again you will not be disappointed. If you’re in the Highland Village area, please check them out and share your experience with me! Thanks for reading!

New cereal alert! Short and Sweet!

I was skimming thru Facebook one day and noticed a post about this cereal. I was like Banana pudding cereal…..this is a must try! I’ve always liked Nilla wafers so these have to live up to my expectations!

Here is a picture of a few poured out on a plate. Regular sized like any other cereal and also contains marshmallows. When you open the box, you can instantly smell the aroma of BANANAS!

Now to the taste….

I must say…They taste great to me! Now this is my opinion just based on eating them dry out the box! You can taste nothing but banana flavor and they are good and sweet. Yes they remind you of banana pudding! This will definitely be a snack at work for me! Well I’ll do a follow up once I pour them over milk…but as for now I LOVE THEM! Lol stay tuned 👋🏾

Hi guys!

I know I know! It’s been a while huh? I’ve been so busy with work and gearing up for finals that I’ve been behind on writing! Guess what….school is out and I’m ready to GO! I’ve been reading and catching up on all the wonderful blogs you guys have written and I love it!

So with that being said……stay tuned for new blogs! Take care! 😘

My trip to SteamBoat Bills-Lake Charles

I’ve heard so many people speak highly of this place for years and since I was in Louisiana for a day, my goal was to swing by.

When we pulled up, the line was way down the sidewalk. Wow! Peeking in the inside once we were in line, I noticed another long line. Surely with all the people in here this place has to be the BEST.

The line moved pretty fast and with so many people, you must know what you want before stepping to the register. We decided to order several things to do a taste testing.

The first thing I tasted was the the shrimp pistolette. I really liked it and it had a lot of flavor. They were small so if you like a pistolette, I suggest you order more than one.

Boudain balls are my favorite but honestly, I was disappointed. They didn’t taste good at all to me. I really can’t describe the taste, but they weren’t up to my standard. It was just all mushed together with little flavor.

On to the shrimp gumbo…..HATED IT. This gumbo lacked EVERYTHING. The rice tasted burnt and in my opinion this was just a soup not gumbo. Even adding hot sauce, it still wasn’t good. I was highly disappointed because this was one of the dishes folks bragged about and it was horrible.

The atchafalaya Dinner was better! It was a piece of fried fish on top of rice topped with crawfish etouffee. I really enjoyed it! It was flavorful and worth ordering. Let’s just say the plate was clean when we finished.

Lastly were the tacos! One was fried shrimp, the other was fried fish. Now this was another hit! The tacos were full of meat and the cilantro sauce set it off! Everyone knows I have to have extra cheese on everything I eat…hence all the cheese on the plate. These were the best seafood tacos I’ve had in a while!

Well, my opinion is some of the things I tried were not up to my taste standards. But as always, I will at least try things based on others reviews. Although I was not pleased on some of the dishes I tried, I won’t just count them out. Next time I’m in Louisiana, I will stop by again to try other things on the menu. Thanks for reading


I have been seeing so many pictures and posts about Moxie’s on social media that I decided to stop by this evening. First, the building is beautiful and spacious. They offer a bar downstairs and also one upstairs. Spacious seating for a casual date or hanging out with a couple of friends. Ok on to the good stuff….

We decided to order the appetizer side guacamole. When it was brought to us, the young lady started mixing it up and wasn’t doing a very good job at it. She smashed the avocados and tomatoes together three times and was like here you go. The guacamole was EVERYWHERE. She didn’t bother to offer paper towels to at least wipe what was running down the side of bowl. Anyway we proceeded to grab the chips and dig in…..you can tell the chips were sitting out because they were almost stale. The guacamole was bland. I’ve had way better guacamole from cheaper restaurants. The salsa that accompanied it taste like ketchup. Yes ketchup. Highly disappointed.

I ordered a drink called “Straight from Cozumel”. It was awesome! You can tell that all the ingredients were fresh and it was very refreshing. The bartender was great and didn’t have me feeling like I was being rushed.

Now on to my main course…

I ordered the grilled fish tacos. They were very tasty! The chipotle lime marinade was so good and flavorful! The tacos were stuffed and that’s what I really enjoyed because most places drown tacos with the toppings with little meat. You have a choice of getting a side salad or fries but I chose a side salad. You never can go wrong with the greens!

Overall I would have to give them a D. Reason being is because before things hit the dining area, they need to ensure that everything is fresh. Chips stale fast and how can you enjoy anything with stale chips? The guacamole needs to be more flavorful and have someone who is going to mix it right. For this being my first visit, I wasn’t pleased like I thought I would be. Total bill 79$ and left feeling like blah. (Another meal was ordered but because I didn’t try it, it wasn’t mentioned) Thanks for reading!

B&B Butcher’s Restaurant Review

I’ve always passed by this restaurant but never stopped. My birthday weekend I decided to give them a try and see if they lived up to their reviews online.

For my drink, I decided to go with the B&B Martini. Now let me warn you now…if you’re not a heavy drinker, this is not the drink for you. This drink lived up to its name and that was the only one I ordered. I’m usually not a babysitter of a drink but that one I was. Overall, I really enjoyed it!

The next thing I ordered was the Meatballs as my appetizer. It came with with three nice sized meatballs covered in marinara sauce. They taste really good and would be awesome on some pasta. I was surprised that I enjoyed them as much as I did without pasta.

Now to the entree! I decided to order the Filet Mignon (medium well) with the Oscar toppings. The Oscar topping is one of my favorites because I love crab meat! The steak was also served with asparagus that was very good. The steak was well seasoned and cooked perfectly. For the sides I ordered the Macaroni and cheese along with the creamy garlic mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes were seasoned really well and very tasty. The macaroni on the other hand, I was not very fond of. The truffle oil taste overpowered the macaroni. The last couple of places I’ve tried I haven’t been impressed with their mac.

Since it was my birthday, the restaurant provided a complimentary slice of cheesecake for me! I made a wish and dived in! Now that cheesecake was GOOD!

Overall, my experience was great! The atmosphere was pleasant and the staff made sure that each table was ok and enjoying their night. I can definitely say that I will be back! If you haven’t dined here, go check them out! Thanks for reading.

Brunch at The Tasting Room

If y’all didn’t know, I love to BRUNCH! On this day I decided to try somewhere new. This was my first brunch of 2018 and I was ready to see what the Tasting Room had to offer.

My choice of drink of course was a mimosa. Their menu gives you the option to “build your own mimosa” but I went with the standard one listed for 4.00. Their mimosas were perfect! Just enough orange juice with the right amount of champagne.

My meal was called ” Eggs any style” which consists of eggs your way, bacon, home fries, toast with a side of fruit. I was highly pleased with the amount of season both the eggs and potatoes had. The entire meal was very good and I was happy I made the decision to stop by. Our waiter was very helpful in explaining some dishes on the menu and the manager even came over to greet me. If your looking for a light bite and a nice intimate place to be, The Tasting Room is the place to be! Thanks for reading’